• "Pointing the Way to Retirement Income Security"
  • "Breaking Through the Investment Return Barrier"


For the vast majority of Americans, it is mathematically impossible to achieve Retirement Income Security (RIS) through contributions alone. In other words, "You cannot 'Save Your Way' to a financially secure retirement."

While contributions are important, it is essential to increase your Investment Return if one expects to have a financially secure retirement.

Our Goal: Identify an investment strategy that would safely optimize the investment return of any well-balanced collection of mutual funds or ETFs typically found in employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Specifically, the strategy, consistently applied, would be required to:

  • Maximize portfolio returns in up markets,
  • Protect portfolio value in down markets,
  • Provide the quickest recovery when a down market ends, and
  • Produce the highest portfolio value by age 65 or sooner.

After 5-years of intensive research a breakthrough approach to asset allocation called Adaptive Asset Allocation� (AAA) was identified.  The strategy focuses on the essential components of Risk Mitigation and Portfolio Optimization to deliver a level of investment return needed for most American's to reach RIS in their lifetime.  

Risk Mitigation

The Time of Retirement Risk. The uncontrollable reality imposed as a consequence of reaching retirement age in a down market . Portfolio values are more influenced by what the market is doing when you retire than the investment choices made while saving for retirement.

The Treadmill Effect. The repeated gravitation of portfolio value towards money market fund investment return levels during each extended down market.

Needed Minimum Investment Return. The average annual investment return needed to grow portfolio values high enough so as to generate in interest alone one's final salary at retirement age 65.

Portfolio Optimization

Optimum Reallocation Cycle.
The time period taken between portfolio rebalancing to optimize returns and minimize risk.

Optimum Number of Funds.
The number of funds from a fixed portfolio that should be invested in given any point in time.

Best Positioned Funds.
Identification of the funds that have the highest likelihood to increase (in up markets) or maintain value (in down markets) during the next 2�3 months compared with the other alternatives in the portfolio. Holding the right number of best positioned funds is also an essential component of risk management.


The first public implementation of our AAA strategy is named HORIZON�.

HORIZON� AAA has been in use nationally since 2004 by participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans at companies and organizations including Accenture, Merck, State Universities Retirement System of Illinois, University of Michigan, SAP and IBM, as well as by IRA account holders and non-retirement mutual fund and ETF investors.

HORIZON� is offered to the public by one of our affiliates, Compass Investors.

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